The Bike olive tour

A 3h guided Olive oil & bike tour that starts with the visit at the magnificent 13th century castle of Androusa, the biking tour to the Olive grove & the perennial olive tree, the olive oil mill visit, and ends up with an revealing olive oil tasting seminar in the olive mill accompanied with small gourmet olive oil dishes.


3.00-3.5 Hours


  • Positive attitude and many smiles (!)
  • Local, english speaking, hostess.
  • Transport from the meeting point (Castle of Androusa ) to the Olive groves and to the Olive press mill
  • Guided walk tour to the Olive Groves
  • Olive oil tasting seminar by experienced olive oil taster (member of certified olive oil panel).
  • Food tasting of elegant Greek flavors and food pairing with olive oil
  • Light meal with traditional plates such as Greek salad, green salad, Kalamata Olives, tzatziki, feta cheese, graviera cheese, smoked ham and smoked sausage, spinach pie, olive paste etc.
  • Local Wine
  • Traditional Dessert
  • Guided Tour to the Oil press mill  &  demonstration of the olive oil production
  • Local English or German speaking Hostess


65€ /adult, 25 €/ children (3-16 years old)
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Special Autumn Prices

Special prices for groups or families

(for semi-private tours up to 12 participants)


  • Transport from/to your hotel (not included)
  • If you wish a private tour contact us


  • Olive oil & bike tour with expert English speaking tour guide.
  • Bike tour to the perennial olive tree.
  • Guided walk tour to the Olive Groves.
  • Guided tour at the olive press factory (mill).
  • Training & Olive oil tasting in 4 different extra virgin olive oils by experienced olive oil taster (member of certified olive oil panel).
  • Olive oil & Food Pairing with at least 4 different taste combinations
  • Traditional plates such as lalagia, pasto, Kalamata Olives, tzatziki, feta, olive paste etc
  • Wine and ouzo

Read more details of the “Bike” olive tour

  1. Our meeting point is at the magnificent 13th century castle of Androusa, located in the heart of Messinia, just 20 minutes drive from Kalamata and 10 minutes from Ancient Messene. At this idyllic landscape we talk about the history, the tradition and the mythical story of the castle olive trees …we take our bikes and we plan our bike tour…
  2. We go biking until we reach the Olive grove & the perennial olive tree. We walk though the olive groves & learn and treat the perennial olive trees…find out the different varieties of the olive trees of the area and discover the story of the Messinian land as recorded on the stems.
  3. We bike to the center of Androusa Village & we visit a unique Olive Oil press mill that is located there for more than 120 years. The 5th generation owner will explain to us the procedure of the extraction, the storage and standardization process of the extra virgin olive oil in the past and nowadays.
  4. Τhe dining table is filled with the special blue olive oil tasting glasses and you are about to become a tasting expert! Taste the extra virgin olive oil of “Koroneiki” Variety and learn about its organoleptic characteristics…recognize the elements that define the extra virgin olive oil …taste different varieties of  Greek  Extra Virgin Oilve oil such us “Manaki”, “Xalkidikis”, “Mavroelia” etc and evaluate them…  
  5. What about food? The extra virgin olive oil of different varieties is matched with traditional recipes including fruit, gourmet small dishes and surprises us. Tzatziki, kalamata olives, olive paste, lalagia, pasto and of course wine and ouzo!

The history, the soul, the tradition, the gastronomy of Messinia are reveled though the Olive oil paths… enjoy a unique experience in our endless olive groves filled with the wisdom, the flavor and the aroma of Peloponnese.

the olive routes

Did you Know that the impressive 95% of the olive oil produced in Messinia is rated at the highest category of Olive oil, the Extra Virgin Olive oil catergory? The Olive Routes cannot wait to welcome you to the amazing olive world ....Open up. Taste. Feel!


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