Take back home the …Olive Taste of Greece!

This is your journey …the one that you desired so much…this is your moment…

olive tree journey
Greece: Olive tree journey

It is the light that is so bright…the endless sea that is so blue…it is the taste that you want to remember for ever…

This is your Mythical Destination…Messinia, Greece.

Ancient Messene

Ancient Messene

Follow the path to a village close to Kalamata, Androusa Messinias, and discover a different route…The Route of Olive Oil…an olive tour through tradition, history, local taste, vivid experiences.

Androusa Castle, Kalamata
Andoursa, Kalamata

Take your time..Marvel the landscape and follow the perennial Olive Trees…it is their strong bodies that record the history of this land…it is the color of silver green that makes you smile…

olives trees landscape
Olive Trees Landscape

Have fun…smile with your heart…discover your hidden treasure…

olive trees and hidden treasures
Olive trees and hidden treasures

Taste Olive oil…discover its secrets…feel the passion to explore it …

taste olive oil
Taste olive oil

Taste local food…feel it…it is the taste of the Olive oil that will open up your senses.

Greek local food
Greek local food

 Take back home the …Olive Taste of Kalamata, the real taste of Greece!

Open Up. Taste .Feel!

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the olive routes

Did you Know that the impressive 95% of the olive oil produced in Messinia is rated at the highest category of Olive oil, the Extra Virgin Olive oil catergory? The Olive Routes cannot wait to welcome you to the amazing olive world ....Open up. Taste. Feel!


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