Olive oil Tasting Seminar and local Gastronomy

All the reading in the world isn’t going to mean a thing unless you can connect it to the sensory experience—the aroma and taste of olive oil. Sip the oil straight from little blue glasses and hold it like holding your coffee cup from your favorite café

The aromas of olive oil are a critical part of its flavor. Cup the glass in one hand and cover it with the other to trap the aromas inside while you warm it up. Hold it, swirl it, warm it for a minute or two. Then stick your nose into the glass and take a good whiff of the aroma or “nose” of the olive oil. You may notice the smell of fresh-cut grass, tropical fruits or other aromas of ripe or green olive fruit.

Find out the other positive attributes in addition to fruity, pungent and bitter and Step by step feel like a tasting expert! Taste the extra virgin olive oil of Koroneiki variety and learn about its organoleptic characteristics…recognize the elements that define the extra virgin olive oil …taste different varieties of Greek Extra Virgin Oilve oil such us Manaki, Xalkidikis, Mavroelia etc and evaluate them


  • Training & Olive oil tasting in 6 different extra virgin olive oils by experienced olive oil taster (member of certified olive oil panel).
  • Olive oil & Food Pairing with at least 4 different taste combinations
  • Traditional plates such as lalagia, pasto, Kalamata Olives, tzatziki, feta, olive paste etc
  • Wine and ouzo


  • Traditional Greek Lunch or dinner (main course, salad and dessert) at the olive mill

Matching olive oils and food is an entire discussion of its own, but for a great learning experience, try different olive oils—one delicate, one medium, one robust—with a variety of foods. Notice how the flavors interact.

The extra virgin olive oil of different varieties is paired with traditional recipes, fruit, vegetables, gourmet small dishes and surprises us

the olive routes

Did you Know that the impressive 95% of the olive oil produced in Messinia is rated at the highest category of Olive oil, the Extra Virgin Olive oil catergory? The Olive Routes cannot wait to welcome you to the amazing olive world ....Open up. Taste. Feel!


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