The Olive Routes – job announcement

The Olive Routes The Olive routes is a family company based in Androusa Messinias that the last 2 years has successfully designed and provided to the “experience seekers” and visitors, creative olive tours, so as to share the passion for  olive oil, nature, tradition and local gastronomy. With more than 900 guests in one year we are looking forward to welcome to our team enthusiastic tour guides. Tour Guide Job Description We are seeking a personable, passionate, enthusiastic tour guide…

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Take back home the …Olive Taste of Greece!

This is your journey …the one that you desired so much…this is your moment… It is the light that is so bright…the endless sea that is so blue…it is the taste that you want to remember for ever… This is your Mythical Destination…Messinia, Greece. Follow the path to a village close to Kalamata, Androusa Messinias, and discover a different route…The Route of Olive Oil…an olive tour through tradition, history, local taste, vivid experiences. Take your time..Marvel the landscape and follow…

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olive blog need

An “Olive Blog”? Help needed!!!

The story starts (and most probably will finish), today September 5th…. a crazy idea, from a super rational  & tech friend that suggests… “You should start a blog full of interesting stories about olive oil and exciting olive routes…” An “Olive Blog”? I have no idea even what a Blog is…. so he starts the tutorial… you should speak with simple words, write interesting things, involve your personality and start having followers… So, I might love olive oil, I might…

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the olive routes

Did you Know that the impressive 95% of the olive oil produced in Messinia is rated at the highest category of Olive oil, the Extra Virgin Olive oil catergory? The Olive Routes cannot wait to welcome you to the amazing olive world ....Open up. Taste. Feel!


 Androusa Messinias

Tel: +30 6937101215

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