An “Olive Blog”? Help needed!!!

olive blog need

The story starts (and most probably will finish), today September 5th…. a crazy idea, from a super rational  & tech friend that suggests… “You should start a blog full of interesting stories about olive oil and exciting olive routes…”

An “Olive Blog”?

I have no idea even what a Blog is…. so he starts the tutorial… you should speak with simple words, write interesting things, involve your personality and start having followers…

So, I might love olive oil, I might be passionate with our new project the Olive routes… but an olive Blog? That is another story…I am definitely not a “Tech” person (only basic social media and just some days ago I found out how to add playlists to my android mobile!), but certainly open-minded so I started googling… let’s search olive blogs to see what is going on in the olive blog world…

Google Results

  1. Olive Tree Blog… description: “We regularly post articles about our Bible Study App, new Biblical study resources, study tips, and more. Feel free to interact with us …..” not my case at all
  2. Olive oil Lovers – The blog…full of nice olive oil recipes…I loved It! This is an interesting point of view for my blog also, and especially if you think of Olive oil & Food Pairing you have so much to talk about….
  3. 4, 5, 6… Nice looking blogs from Olive oil sellers and producers dealing with olive oil nutritional value, recipes etc…good to know…

So… do I really start an Olive blog? Certainly help is needed. Certainly I don ‘t have exceptional English writing skills (So please, be open minded and forgiving with my English writing !!!).  But…I think that I start liking the idea that some people might read my posts… or we might share info and ideas…

More thoughts…what would my blog talk about?

  • Certainly Olive oil… olive news, olive oil categories, varieties and so much more…
  • Travelling? For sure.. Messinia, Kalamata, Peloponnese so much to tell and admire…the point of view of a local girl.
  • Cooking? I love cooking (when I have the time to do it) but I prefer easy and certainly olive oil based recipes
  • Nature & Agriculture… not my field of expertise but I know when information is interesting & important so I can share it
  • Culture & Tradition? Yes…Like Olive events, Olive oil mills, olive oil tradition, Olive oil stories and value…

So I have my first article and my blog’s description:

The Olive routes-blog, is a blog open to the wider Olive world including Olive news, Travelling, cooking, Ecotourism, Culture and Tradition.  

Does it have a chance to grow? Will that be successful? We will see… let the olive route- blog journey begin….

Thank you for reading and tolerating all this crazy brainstorming… feel free to express any thought…


  1. Have a good start in your olive blog dimitra!!!!!

  2. Let us enjoy your olive route!!

  3. Let’s put also face masks , body scrubs and other beauty recipes we can make at home with olive oil !!!!

  4. I wish you a good start in your new exciting effort.Enjoy it!!!

  5. Nice Blog ! You Post Very Well on this Article

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